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The Friends take an active role in encouraging volunteers to assist in the Shropshire Museums Resource Centre. Individuals undertake a variety of projects with professional guidance. These can range from cataloguing the collections through conservation and research, depending upon skills and availability.

The arrangements for volunteering have been revised following restructuring of the Museums Service staff in 2015 in order to ensure safe working practices whilst in the Resource Centre and to ensure availability of relevant staff. Click the following to see the latest proposals and arrangements (June 2015)

There are currently vacancies as follows:

Photograph specimens: we’re looking for individuals with an interest in digital photography to take images of geological specimens using a digital SLR camera. The images will form a part of the catalogue records and will be made accessible to the public through various websites including Discover Shropshire’s History. You do not need to be a photographer as full training on how to use photographic equipment will be given. We will also be using 3D imaging techniques to capture the more interesting and important specimens. So, if you have an interest in 3D digital processes we would love to hear from you.

Manipulate Images: the digital images taken require basic cropping and resizing. Some will need more extensive alteration and manipulation using photoshop to make them suitable for display on the web or for use in exhibitions. We are therefore looking for volunteers to help with this process. 

Research Collectors & Collections: many specimens are geologically interesting or have been collected by important geologists. We require help with the research into these to help us build a better picture of the collections and the stories that lie behind them.

Catalogue Specimens: this involves computer work, recording information from paper records and physical specimens onto the collection database. This will form the basis of material that will go online that will help to provide remote access to our collections.

Scope the Collection: we need individuals to help us with the initial inventory of the whole collection, recording basic information from the contents of the bays in the Geology Store. This task involves assisting the Consultant team in recording information on computers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: -

enquiries.fossilsinshropshire @

For more information on the project visit:-
Twitter - @FISHdigitise

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