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A small part of the collections is on public display in the various museums around the county of Shropshire, including Shrewsbury (Market Hall), Ludlow (Buttercross), Much Wenlock and Acton Scott.

The major part of the collections is housed within the Shropshire Museums Resource Centre in Ludlow, co-located with the public library.

The collections are an important resource, locally, nationally and, in the case of the fossils, internationally. They are regularly used by schools, universities and individual researchers.

young visitors studying the collections

The geology collection is but one of several held by Shropshire Museums. These include archaeology, fine and decorative art, natural history and social history. These, along with geology total over 250,000 objects.

The Museums Service Mission Statement is as follows: "We develop and sustain museums and collections which offer people imaginative quality opportunities to actively engage with Shropshire's heritage in a way which meets their needs as an individual or community."

Access itself is arranged by appointment with the curator, either in person or by phone, letter or email.

An introductory site to Shropshire's fossils and rocks can be accessed here.

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